[pve-devel] roadmap for proxmox 6 ?

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Tue Feb 5 17:38:16 CET 2019


Am 2/5/19 um 2:47 PM schrieb Alexandre DERUMIER:> Hi,
> as debian buster is coming, do you have already a roadmap for proxmox6 ?

nothing fully fleshed out/set in stone so below is nothing fixed :)

> Here some features I have in mind:
> - corosync 3

yes, as talked off-list this will probably come, but needs a bit of adaption...
But as I do not want to maintain the current 2.x needle branch for PVE 6 for
until ~2022 I'd rather do some work now.

> - qemu 3.x

We wait on a bugfix release (or do one with the stable patches ourself), but
yes in general we'd like to ship a newer one backporting (security) fixes
normally does not gets easier the longer the interval between upstream current
and used version, and some new features are great too.. 

> - ifupdown2 by default ? (need to test openvswitch)

I think this is a bit longer on the roadmap, but one needs to do the work :D

> - I'll try to work on vxlan (+frr) /vlan, /etc/pve/networks.cfg. I'll try to send prelimaries patches this month.


> - qemu-server : implement blockdev (I think it's now 100% feature complete, but they are a lot of thing to change/adapt/ (param,hotplug,mirror,throttling,snapshot,..). 
>                 not sure if proxmox backup will work without change.

besides a cleaner interface, do you know some other improvements blockdev


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