[pve-devel] roadmap for proxmox 6 ?

Alexandre DERUMIER aderumier at odiso.com
Wed Feb 6 08:41:33 CET 2019

>>besides a cleaner interface, do you know some other improvements blockdev

I known it's improve mirroring, when we can pass argument to target storage.

mirroring preserving sparseness (mainly for nbd)

luks support (If we wanted to add luks encryption at rest in qemu-server)

should improve disk unplug too.

Maybe it'll help too later with multithread iothreads blockdev.

And it'll be needed by COLO (if one day it'll be ready ;)

I had done some code 1 or 2 years ago, but throttling was missing at this time.(it's ok now)
I don't known when qemu will deprecated to old interface. (but I think we have time)

It's not difficult to implement, but this almost need to change all drive qmp command related,
some command line options are on devices and not drive anymore, ...
So this need a lot of tests.

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Am 2/5/19 um 2:47 PM schrieb Alexandre DERUMIER:> Hi, 
> as debian buster is coming, do you have already a roadmap for proxmox6 ? 

nothing fully fleshed out/set in stone so below is nothing fixed :) 

> Here some features I have in mind: 
> - corosync 3 

yes, as talked off-list this will probably come, but needs a bit of adaption... 
But as I do not want to maintain the current 2.x needle branch for PVE 6 for 
until ~2022 I'd rather do some work now. 

> - qemu 3.x 

We wait on a bugfix release (or do one with the stable patches ourself), but 
yes in general we'd like to ship a newer one backporting (security) fixes 
normally does not gets easier the longer the interval between upstream current 
and used version, and some new features are great too.. 

> - ifupdown2 by default ? (need to test openvswitch) 

I think this is a bit longer on the roadmap, but one needs to do the work :D 

> - I'll try to work on vxlan (+frr) /vlan, /etc/pve/networks.cfg. I'll try to send prelimaries patches this month. 


> - qemu-server : implement blockdev (I think it's now 100% feature complete, but they are a lot of thing to change/adapt/ (param,hotplug,mirror,throttling,snapshot,..). 
> not sure if proxmox backup will work without change. 

besides a cleaner interface, do you know some other improvements blockdev 


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