[pve-devel] pve-manager and disk IO monitoring

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Fri Sep 30 08:11:00 CEST 2016

> >>Where do you see that 11% difference? 
> oh, sorry, my fault, I read the wrong line...
> Jobs: 1 (f=1): [m(1)] [100.0% done] [64339KB/16908KB/0KB /s] [15.2K/3816/0
> iops] [eta 00m:00s] 
> Jobs: 1 (f=1): [m(1)] [100.0% done] [73928KB/19507KB/0KB /s] [17.3K/4381/0
> iops] [eta 00m:00s] 
> But check the latencies (>95th are twice lower) :

Is there a reasonable explanation for that?

@mir: can you reproduce those results reliable?

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