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Mark Davis smiley at smileyshouse.net
Fri Sep 11 16:04:33 CEST 2015

Thank you for your response.


I have already setup a VM and been able to compile stable-3 packages.
Still trying to get my head around the commands for git though, but I
guess that will come with time.


I thought that Graphite and influxdb was for centralised collection of
the metrics and that Proxmox could only send the metrics that it
currently collects.  The first stage of what I want to do is make a way
(possibly a plugin)  that enables Proxmox to collect a variable number
of metrics per node so that it could be stored in a RRD or sent to
something like Graphite.  Assuming my understanding to Graphite and
influxdb are correct.


Searching on the net, a lot of people have asked about adding other
monitoring metrics.  I understand that every computer is different and
that the current metrics are the ones guaranteed to be measured the same
way on every piece of hardware.  Just wanted to know if the dev team was
receptive to what I want to try and develop as a possible feature. Not
expecting any guarantees, because you guys don't know me from a bar of
soap, but I just don't see the point of doing a whole lot of work if the
submission is not even going to be considered.  Also, I would have
thought it a bit arrogant of myself if I submitted anything without
first conversing with the established development team.


I would like to say to anyone that has worked on Proxmox, Thank you.  I
love it and am constantly pleasantly surprised by the added features
each new version and how things just seem to work.





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I appreciate your interest in PVE and the open source development.

To point it out first
http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Developer_Documentation may help you
While it may look like a lot at the beginning after you initial setup a
machine (maybe an VM with nested Proxmox) building the packages and
changing something becomes easier, if your already have basic
development skills it helps you much.

As you can read also in the last paragraph we need an contributor
agreement (it ensures that you hold the copyright of your work when you
contribute to the project, but we may use it for the project, legal
Contributing (especially to the first) to Open-source projects may have,
unfortunately, some initial troubles and a learning curve for the
standard tools (like git), don't let you scare from that.

To be direct: The RRD stuff you proposed probably won't get into the PVE
upstream code.
Although it's for sure a nice and cool feature there are already tools
out there which are much better for the job. PVE is more a cluster
framework, monitoring should be done by monitoring frameworks.

But we recently applied an new status plugin, so you could use
https://influxdb.com/ or also Graphite to gather all the information,
see nice graphs and timelines.

But if you say, hey I do it my way, still post your changes (as a
patch), but don't be disappointed if they get rejected. :)

Note, take this answer as an personal from me, not Proxmox or

Best Regards,

On 09/11/2015 07:53 AM, Mark Davis wrote:

	Hi there,
	I have never had anything to do with an open source project
before, so if I am doing something in the worng place, please can
somebody point me in the right direction.
	Fow a while now I have been using ipmitool on some Proxmox boxes
to collect temp and fan info and with my own service logging it to an
rrd db.  With a few small changes to the proxmox files (which I have to
change after an upgrade) I can see graphs in the interface.
	This works well on a single node setup, but in a cluster
obviously the status data does not get propergated to all nodes.
	Whomever is in charge of what features are added, I would like
to try and add the ability for some extra status information to be
stored in an additional rdd db for each node with an editable script
defining how the data is collected.  Hopefully with diffent data being
colledted per node and eventually have it be able to be setup through
the proxmox interface.
	I understand that I will have dicuss this in much greater
detail.  I do not want step on anybodies toes or impede any other
develpment.  So again, I hope this is the right place for this and I
apolagies in advance if it is not.
	Thank you


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