[pve-devel] ceph hammer : new objetmap features (fast resize, snapshot, ....)

Martin Waschbüsch service at waschbuesch.it
Tue Apr 14 07:41:37 CEST 2015


/slightly/ OT w/r to your question, but...
> Am 14.04.2015 um 07:01 schrieb Alexandre DERUMIER <aderumier at odiso.com>:
> Hi,
> Ceph hammer has been released and have a cool new feature called object map
> https://wiki.ceph.com/Planning/Blueprints/Hammer/librbd%3A_shared_flag%2C_object_map
> which allow fast resize, snapshots,....  (and also async).

Any idea what the upgrade / migration path from the older firefly release might look like?
Does it make sense to tie hammer to a pve version upgrade (say restrict 3.4 to firefly, hammer comes with version 3.5+ / 4.x?) or could firefly be upgraded to hammer on a current pve install?

E.g. If my current pve cluster uses ceph already, is it feasible to just edit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ceph.list and switch to hammer by means of an 'aptitude upgrade‘ ? Or will that just lead to a *really* nasty mess?

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