[pve-devel] Better translate to Spanish language

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Mon Jul 21 07:16:08 CEST 2014

> Here you will see an excerpt of the topics pending:
> >>#: ../www/manager/qemu/Options.js:149
> >>../www/manager/qemu/Options.js:154
> >>msgid "KVM hardware virtualization"
> >>msgstr "Virtualización de Hardware KVM
> >So what is the question/problem?
> The stanza isn't shown fully

> 3-
> >>but gettext('Clone') is only used as verb everywhere - where exactly
> >>is the conflict?
> >Please answer my question first.
> No conflict, It is only to be more orderly
> 7-
> >> Checked by me, please use my "es.po" file and see it.
> >I think this is also fixed - please check again.
> I have the problem with my es.po file...
> maybe you are using other es.po file?, or maybe it is because i am using a
> Windows XP as workstation and not a Linux?, and That strange, i don't see
> the words of days of the week into the es.po file.

OK, found the problem - it is fixed now.

> 9-
> >>The name 'remote-viewer' is the name of the corresponding binary . It
> >>>makes no sense to translate that.
> >> As you want, but in the spanish world, the text "visor remoto" (in
> >> Spanish) is
> >> is widely used by all people. I believe that we should to do the
> >> translation.
> > I talk abaou a unix binaray file:
> I don't like, but what you say also makes sense, as you want.
> 12-
> >> When you see my translation in PVE GUI, you will can understand it.
> >>Sorry. I can't see the error?
> > No, sorry - I do not see the problem.
> Don't worry, isn't important
> >OK, I uploaded the new file in git - so please do the final translations.
> For be more ordered, when you and me we review all subjects pending, and
> after, you do whatever you have to do, finally i will download the new es.po
> file for do the latest check.
> My question: I guess it is in the same web download link, right?


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