[pve-devel] Better translate to Spanish language

Cesar Peschiera brain at click.com.py
Wed Jul 23 22:37:54 CEST 2014

I have downloaded your new es.po file, but now i have a new question:

This new es.po file is based in the next release of PVE, and i see that have 
new words that before don't had, so I need to know how can I download the 
group of packages for do the check of all my translations? (please consider 
also the version of kernel before of answer me, my target is only for do the 
translations and verifications of my translations).

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Subject: RE: [pve-devel] Better translate to Spanish language

> Here you will see an excerpt of the topics pending:
> >>#: ../www/manager/qemu/Options.js:149
> >>../www/manager/qemu/Options.js:154
> >>msgid "KVM hardware virtualization"
> >>msgstr "Virtualización de Hardware KVM
> >So what is the question/problem?
> The stanza isn't shown fully


> 3-
> >>but gettext('Clone') is only used as verb everywhere - where exactly
> >>is the conflict?
> >Please answer my question first.
> No conflict, It is only to be more orderly
> 7-
> >> Checked by me, please use my "es.po" file and see it.
> >I think this is also fixed - please check again.
> I have the problem with my es.po file...
> maybe you are using other es.po file?, or maybe it is because i am using a
> Windows XP as workstation and not a Linux?, and That strange, i don't see
> the words of days of the week into the es.po file.

OK, found the problem - it is fixed now.

> 9-
> >>The name 'remote-viewer' is the name of the corresponding binary . It
> >>>makes no sense to translate that.
> >> As you want, but in the spanish world, the text "visor remoto" (in
> >> Spanish) is
> >> is widely used by all people. I believe that we should to do the
> >> translation.
> > I talk abaou a unix binaray file:
> I don't like, but what you say also makes sense, as you want.
> 12-
> >> When you see my translation in PVE GUI, you will can understand it.
> >>Sorry. I can't see the error?
> > No, sorry - I do not see the problem.
> Don't worry, isn't important
> >OK, I uploaded the new file in git - so please do the final translations.
> For be more ordered, when you and me we review all subjects pending, and
> after, you do whatever you have to do, finally i will download the new 
> es.po
> file for do the latest check.
> My question: I guess it is in the same web download link, right?


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