[pve-devel] Better translate to Spanish language

Cesar Peschiera brain at click.com.py
Tue Apr 8 00:36:24 CEST 2014

Dietmar, Ok the word "Mount" not will be translated to spanish.

But about of my test:
In spanish i see that several words are written with more letters, and this 
exceeds some fields available for these texts, and i know that you are a 
person very busy and with little free time, then, please tell me as can i do 
the test of the translation to my language in my PVE Host, and after I will 
give you the alarms corresponding.

A example:
In Spanish language,  you enter to the option of "storage" for does a 
restoration of backup, then you will can see that the word "Almacenamiento" 
(in English mean: Storage) is overlapped with his field, and this shows a 
awful aesthetics.

Please tell me what I need to know for do the test, and i will review all 
(You do not will lose anything with this).. or what's the disadvantage?

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> 2- If is noun, i will translate it of other manner (that i believe that is 
> noun).

It is called like the corresponding openvz command.

> 3- If you can show me the complete log about of this, i will understand 
> and
> will translate perfectly. :-)

If you translate that, it is different that the openvz command. Not sure if 
we want that.

> Other questions:
> 1- Can you explain me as can i apply my translation in my PVE Host (for
> testing first, and after i will send the translate)
> 2- This "es.po" file is compatible with what versions of PVE?

You need a complete build environment to do that. So I guess it is simpler 
to send
me the file, and I will upload the result for you.

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