[pve-devel] Proxmox compatible Android client (Opaque) available for beta testing

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Wed Dec 11 19:06:22 CET 2013

Hi Dietmar,

On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 11:19 AM, Dietmar Maurer <dietmar at proxmox.com>wrote:

> > I do not have support for the Proxmox API at all (for the moment).
> So how do you want to get the vv file (confused)?

I thought that Proxmox has a web portal where people login and can click to
obtain a console.vv file for their VM(s). I guess I was wrong.

> >  All I do is
> > register support for .vv files with the Android OS. Is there no way to
> obtain a
> > console.vv file through a web portal on Proxmox anymore?
> No, I removed that because it is easy to create such files on the client.
> Any web
> client can generate such file using a data url (as shown in my code).

My app is not a web client. It is composed of spice-gtk, libgovirt, a bunch
of supporting libraries, and a UI for Android written in Java.

> What exactly is the problem? Don't you have a JSON framework to parse
> the JSON result? If so, would it help if I re-add the 'spiceconfig' format,
> so that you can do
> POST /api2/spiceconfig/....
> But you still have to login to the API and pass the CSRF token.

Then I'd have to add support for your API which I wasn't planning to. Is
there a client library that is portable to Android I can use for the
purpose? If not, support for the API may be some time away!

Sorry, I was given the impression (by people I thought were Proxmox users)
that all I'd need to do to support Proxmox was to add support for .vv
files. I thought they can login to a web interface, with their mobile
browser, and obtain a .vv file from there. Once the file is downloaded, one
can "open" it on Android, and it would launch Opaque seamlessly.

If you're willing to support that scenario, then we're in business! I've
tested it with my oVirt environment (which permits me to acquire a .vv file
through its web interface, and also has an API I support).

Cheers and thanks!

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