[pve-devel] cgroups implementation proposal for kvm (cpuunits support for kvm)

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Mon Dec 19 19:47:03 CET 2011

> I see "-cpuuinits" qemu option in source code, also I see it not an "official" qemu
> option, it come from a patch fairsched.diff
> but i'm talking of using cgroups. (that the way that libvirt use)
> like here:  http://berrange.com/posts/2009/12/03/using-cgroups-with-libvirt-
> and-lxckvm-guests-in-fedora-12/

There is only one kernel scheduler - you can call it 'fairshed'or 'cgroups' - I just used
the fairsched API because there was no cgroups earlier.

AFAIK. the fairsched API simply sets up cgroups now - it is just another API (but I have not tested it recently).
- Dietmar

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