[pmg-devel] PMG with rspamd

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Mon May 28 17:19:41 CEST 2018

> Some of this topics I found and read about rspamd could be solved with and
> rspamd has been promoted in the past some times to be the successor over
> spamassassin, the content filter used here by this version of PMG in spamd
> mode as a content filter.
> So my decision to try rspamd were:
>   *   Primary ability to reject (high score) spam
>   *   Second ability to see the messages with the from address how it occures
> in the mail client and subject
>   *   Third faster speed, better quality (promoted)

Honestly, I cannot see a real advantage here ...
SA is an extremely stable system. SA speed is not bad, and it have no
idea why rspamd has 'better quality'???

> Additional reasons as of other forum users posts and may be for interest on
> commercial installations:
>   *   Primary direct support of DKIM

you can also implement this without rspamd.

>   *   Second possibility to use multiple antivirus scanners, especially well
> established ones like Sophos or Avira

That already works with the current system (See AVAST code ...)

>   *   Rejecting instead of blocking is legal, otherwise only subject string
> adjustment or any kind of tagging or quarantine is legal in Germany, maybe
> also other countries

I already told you why rejecting is bad...

> I was able to setup rspamd following the quick instructions with small
> adjustments from the first article linked in the quick instructions on how to
> setup a full mail system with rspamd. I then was required to decide, if I want
> to run rspamd instead of the SpamAssassin portion in PMG, but as the numbers
> went then completely wrong and the tracking center was not such usable as
> before, I decided to run a two content scanner approach. That required to
> update postfix to version 3.2+ with the explanations on how to do a simple
> backport of postfix 3.3 of newer Debian versions to Debian 9 used by PMG as
> the content filter used for SpamAssassin sends the mail twice through postfix
> result in double-invoke the milter content filter of rspamd and the option to
> disable milter for particular IPs like localhost here required the update.
> Now the setup runs fine, take perhaps one second more to scan, but it’s worth.

why exactly (any numbers)?

>However, I would suggest for PMG maybe 6.0 to replace SpamAssassin through
>rspamd and integrate the statistics of rspamd UI into the PMG statistics
>(combine both, so don’t need full recode) to get the topics mentioned above
>„solved“ or feature-add (some could with amavisd setup through milter instead
>of SpamAssassin setup through content filter), so getting the product greater.

This does not make any sense to me.

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