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Christian Heutger christian at heutger.net
Mon May 28 16:43:50 CEST 2018


I got advised to send to this list instead of creating a thread, so I keep it a bit shorter, as I expect there is no need for explanations or a how to here but to report about the why, the experiences etc.:

In my recent mail here I listed some feature requests, I collected as well as saw in the forums, which would make PMG a greater product than it is already. I also got pushed by a forum user to do some changes by myself and contribute them to the community via the forum, so I did some optimizations of the system as far as I’m able to do and it’s just customization or optimization of settings but no rebuilt, change of code or sth. similar, this additional requests I just kept posted and sent to the list recently.

Some of this topics I found and read about rspamd could be solved with and rspamd has been promoted in the past some times to be the successor over spamassassin, the content filter used here by this version of PMG in spamd mode as a content filter.

So my decision to try rspamd were:

  *   Primary ability to reject (high score) spam
  *   Second ability to see the messages with the from address how it occures in the mail client and subject
  *   Third faster speed, better quality (promoted)

Additional reasons as of other forum users posts and may be for interest on commercial installations:

  *   Primary direct support of DKIM
  *   Second possibility to use multiple antivirus scanners, especially well established ones like Sophos or Avira
  *   Rejecting instead of blocking is legal, otherwise only subject string adjustment or any kind of tagging or quarantine is legal in Germany, maybe also other countries

I was able to setup rspamd following the quick instructions with small adjustments from the first article linked in the quick instructions on how to setup a full mail system with rspamd. I then was required to decide, if I want to run rspamd instead of the SpamAssassin portion in PMG, but as the numbers went then completely wrong and the tracking center was not such usable as before, I decided to run a two content scanner approach. That required to update postfix to version 3.2+ with the explanations on how to do a simple backport of postfix 3.3 of newer Debian versions to Debian 9 used by PMG as the content filter used for SpamAssassin sends the mail twice through postfix result in double-invoke the milter content filter of rspamd and the option to disable milter for particular IPs like localhost here required the update.

Now the setup runs fine, take perhaps one second more to scan, but it’s worth. However, I would suggest for PMG maybe 6.0 to replace SpamAssassin through rspamd and integrate the statistics of rspamd UI into the PMG statistics (combine both, so don’t need full recode) to get the topics mentioned above „solved“ or feature-add (some could with amavisd setup through milter instead of SpamAssassin setup through content filter), so getting the product greater.

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