[pbs-devel] Possible problem on NFS storage with release 2-3-3 (??)

dea dea at corep.it
Wed Mar 15 08:51:35 CET 2023

Hi Thomas,

what I am about to say is not related to the problem, but it has a sense 
that connects it.

If it were possible during the garbage collect function to introduce 
"checkpoints" so that in the case of a reboot or upgrade a days' worth 
of work is not thrown away, it would really be a great step forward.
Now I use about 300 Tbytes of hybrid storage (HDD with acceleration SSD) 
and about 25 Tbytes of full SSD and the garbage collect function is 
really onerous on the hybrid storage.
If I were to increase the capacity to 1 Pbyte and more, it would be 
really difficult to manage.



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