[pbs-devel] Possible problem on NFS storage with release 2-3-3 (??)

dea dea at corep.it
Tue Mar 14 09:45:14 CET 2023

Hi Thomas,

at the moment the PBS is using release 2.3-2 with kernel 6.1.10-1 and 
everything is working properly, with the expected performance.
I too think the problem is not with PBS 2.3-3 but with the kernel, and 
on my system kernel 6.1.10 runs really well.

The problem I have identified with kernel 5.15.85 is incredibly slow 
performance on NFS storage.

3 days to finish a garbage collector on a 25 Tbyte SSD datastore (in 
NFS) versus 3 hours now.

Yes, I think the best analysis is to upgrade to PBS 2.3-3 while keeping 
the system running kernel 6.1.10.

I will let you know

Thank you very much


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