[PVE-User] swap maxed out when plenty of RAM available

Adam Weremczuk adamw at matrixscience.com
Tue Mar 22 15:56:28 CET 2022

Hi all,

I run a tiny and lightweight Debian 9.9 LXC container on Proxmox 6.2-6.

It has 512 MB of memory and 512 MB of swap assigned and typically needs 
50-100 MB to operate.

Last year I started seeing about half of swap being used with very 
little use of RAM.

I then made the following changes:



and rebooted.

The container was running like that for several months until this 
morning when its core service (dhcp) started failing.

I logged in to investigate and noticed 100% of swap being used with 
maybe 10-20% of RAM in use.

Before I had time to look into details the container crashed (powered off).

I'll probably try to get rid of swap entirely as an experiment to see 
what happens.

Unless somebody has any better ideas and hints?


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