[PVE-User] VM storage and replication

nada nada at verdnatura.es
Wed Sep 8 11:25:58 CEST 2021

hi Alex
in case you have a limited budget now
you may do backups local backups but it is not recommended by some cheap 

temporal solution:
1. create some filesystem LVM/ext4 @node1 and mount at /mnt/backup
2. install NFS server @node1 and export /mnt/backup to node2
3. install NFS client @node2 and create mountpoint /mnt/backup
4. edit fstab @node2 example
    node1:/mnt/backup      /mnt/backup       nfs    
defaults,noatime,bg	0	2
5. mount /mnt/backup
6. add directory to your proxmox storage via webGUI
    or add to /etc/pve/storage.cfg example

dir: backup
	path /mnt/backup
	content vztmpl,backup,iso

after this you will have backups accessible at both nodes
hope it will help you

On 2021-09-08 10:05, Alex K wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have setup a dual server setup, with latest proxmox v7.x. Each host 
> with
> its own local storage. No shared storage (CEPH, GlusterFS).
> I understand I can have VMs hosted on top LVM with qcow2 disk images or 
> on
> top thin LVM as raw thin LVM volumes. On both cases I still keep the 
> option
> to be able to perform VM backups. Which one is the preferred way 
> according
> to your experience? I will try to do some quick tests on the IO 
> performance
> between the two.
> Also, I was thinking to replicate the VMs from one host to the other. I
> understand that for the Proxmox integrated replication feature I need 
> backed storage. As I am not much into ZFS, although I really enjoy 
> FreeNAS
> and its great features and will definitely look into it later, I was
> thinking to prepare a custom script that would snapshot the LVM volumes
> where the VM images reside and sync the VM disks from one host to the
> other, using rsync, just for a local copy of them. Of course I will 
> take
> care to have an external media also to periodically export the VMs for
> backup purposes, though I would like to have a local copy of the VM 
> disk
> images at the other host, readily available in case I face issues with 
> the
> external media or one of the hosts. What do you think about this 
> approach?
> Am I missing some other feature or better approach?
> Regrading the sync/replication of the VMs between the hosts (without 
> ZFS),
> I was thinking also to have a dedicated local LVM volume for these 
> periodic
> backup jobs configured within Proxmox and then the custom script to 
> just
> rsync these backup images between the two hosts. This seems a simple 
> one
> though it increases the storage requirements, while with the previous
> approach with the custom script, the script would snapshot, sync to the
> other side and remove the snapshot without keeping a redundant local 
> copy
> of the disk image in the same host.
> Sorry for the long read.
> Appreciate any feedback.
> Alex
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