[PVE-User] ZFZ questions - performance and caching

Gregor Burck gregor at aeppelbroe.de
Mon Mar 29 15:28:20 CEST 2021


for calculating an backup server wich should be in worst case  
additionaly an virtualisation server we thougth about a setup with  
HDDs and for ZFZ chaching NVMes.

We plan all with enterprise products,...

I guess following Setup:

A 12 3,5 '' bay Server, 6 PVEe sockets, maybee with an 2,5'' Rear  
entension kit for the OS

Backup envirement:

4 (or6) HDDs, 6 (or 8) TB without chaching

For virtualisation enviroment:

4 (or6) HDDs, 6 (or 8) TB with NVMe chaching

I think, for the backup enviroment there shouldn't be a chaching  
neccessary, cause here is the network the limitation.

The VE part should be a little performer, but how big should the NVMe  
cache? As I read, it is for the ZFZ log.
And how much is the performance increasemnt?



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