[PVE-User] proxmox serverfarm - how?

Roland devzero at web.de
Wed Mar 3 12:25:59 CET 2021

the question for me is, what can go wrong this way or in what way
clustering conflicts with the idea of running a "temporary server farm"
which is shutdown completely for long periods.

what happens for example if i set "pvecm expected 1"  and
startup/shutdown different individual servers or pairs of servers? i
think that won't fit...

when setting "pvecm expected 1" , wouldn't we need to know which
server(s) of the farm was being used last and shutdown last?

so, rethinking about this - doesn't it make sense to have something up
and running independently of that farm for maintaining cluster
state/node information?

what about adding one or two rasberry pi or two virtual maschines "on
some other, independent pve systems" as quorum/qdevice , setting "pvecm
expected 1 or 2" then and have proper backup for these ? can we
use/install virtual instances of proxmox for this ?


Am 03.03.21 um 09:28 schrieb aderumier at odiso.com:
> Hi, if you have something central, knowning exactly how much nodes are
> currently running, and stop/starting them dynamically
> you could play with "pvecm expected X"  to tell how many vote you need
> to have quorum.
> (for example, you have 10 nodes builded in corosync,  you shutdown 5 of
> them --> so no quorum,   just use "pvecm expected 5")
> Le mercredi 03 mars 2021 à 08:25 +0100, Roland privat a écrit :
>> hello,
>> we want to build an experimental dynamic „datacenter“ in our
>> makerspace (mostly for academic purpose), where the number of nodes
>> online depends on energy availability, heat demand, processing
>> demand, .... , but if i see this right a proxmox cluster needs half
>> of the nodes +1 online to have quorum, i.e. for example we wont be
>> able to start a vm if only two out of 10 nodes are online.
>> what‘s the best way to solve this, i.e. what is the most
>> secure/consistent way?
>> eg for a cluster of 10 nodes, what about adding 10 virtual proxmox
>> dummy nodes or qdevice instances in another location (so one single
>> physical host online has quorum) instead of tuning node/quorum number
>> in corosync configuration?
>> what we want is a „farm“ but not a cluster. but we want centralized
>> management and vm migration.
>> regards
>> roland
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