[PVE-User] proxmox serverfarm - how?

Roland privat devzero at web.de
Wed Mar 3 08:25:12 CET 2021


we want to build an experimental dynamic „datacenter“ in our makerspace (mostly for academic purpose), where the number of nodes online depends on energy availability, heat demand, processing demand, .... , but if i see this right a proxmox cluster needs half of the nodes +1 online to have quorum, i.e. for example we wont be able to start a vm if only two out of 10 nodes are online. 

what‘s the best way to solve this, i.e. what is the most secure/consistent way? 

eg for a cluster of 10 nodes, what about adding 10 virtual proxmox dummy nodes or qdevice instances in another location (so one single physical host online has quorum) instead of tuning node/quorum number in corosync configuration? 

what we want is a „farm“ but not a cluster. but we want centralized management and vm migration. 


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