[PVE-User] planning CEPH HW

Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
Mon Mar 1 09:28:33 CET 2021

Hi Nada,

El 28/2/21 a las 12:07, nada escribió:
> hi, we are beginners in CEPH
> and we have 3 old servers in PROXMOX cluster and just CTs are there
> my college wants to migrate some VMs from VMWARE cluster to PROXMOX
> but these VMs are really 'hungry' they need a lot of space for data...
> we don't want to invest more money in old SAN HP and we want to deploy 
> so our idea is to buy
>   2x robust servers for CEPH with HDD
>   3x light servers for Ceph monitors with SSD
I suggest you just buy 3 or 4 robust servers, and colocate mons and 
osds. Keep in mind replica-3 is recommended.

> and deploy CEPH
>   1st period approx 50-100 TB
>   2nd period 300 TB
> we already have prepared
>   FC 10Gbps backbone
>   Eth 1Gbps backbone
You don't need FC (if that's fiber channel at least).

> we have studied examples of some configurations
> (Dell, 45Drives,...)
> we prefer to build up CEPH cluster separated from PROXMOX cluster
> and link them together to have scalable open source system and avoid 
> vendor-locking
> BUT we do NOT have experience with CEPH
> so please,
> can somebody send us example of HW configuration suitable for our idea 
> ???
What performance do you need for each VM (IOPS)?




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