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Stefan M. Radman smr at kmi.com
Mon Jan 11 13:40:34 CET 2021

If your Dell R730 has a PERC hardware RAID controller, I'd recommend to configure all your 6 x 300GB SAS HDDs into a single RAID6.
This gives you the most capacity (1.2TB), availability (2 out of 6 may die) and flexibility (space allocation done within PVE).
The PVE installer creates logical volumes root, data and swap from your virtual disk and you can control their size during installation.
Look for "Advanced LVM Configuration Options".
Without a hardware RAID controller you should be looking into ZFS as suggested by Markus.

With regards to "backup" filesystem I guess that Markus referred to storage for Proxmox backups.
I'd rather keep that on an external NAS instead of an internal disk.

Cluster creation is not a must.
You can run multiple virtual machines on a single server.


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I greatly appreciate your genuine and timely answers for my questions.
Now I got additional 2 hard disks; As I mentioned all are 300GB SAS hard drives.
According to your recommendation, some 3 or 4 RAID 5, 2 RAID 1 (For Proxmox), 1 for Hot spare,
What is "backup" file system, I'm not clear with that. And the other issue I can not get another server right now for  Cluster. Is  Cluster creation a must activity now?
Thank you in advance.
Best regards,

Getachew Mekonnen

Senior IT Expert, PBS Program IT Support

ICT Directorate, Bureau of Finance and Economic Development (BoFED)

Hawassa, Ethiopia

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Am Montag, 11. Januar 2021, 09:36:00 CET schrieb nada:
good day in Ethiopia ;-)
in case you have good RAID controller
i will do the following

1. boot to RAID controller manager and configure
    3 hdd = RAID5
    2 hdd = RAID1
    1 hdd GlobalHotSpare
2. boot to ISO proxmox and install
    ZFS over that raid5 (use whole space)

Please don t do that, its not recommended!
Alexandre had already mad another suggestion..
Hardware-Raid or zfs

3. create filesystem 'backup' over that raid1 (mirror)
    e.g ext4 in LVM2
4. add filesystem 'backup' to proxmox storage
5. nagios and mailserver may be created in CTs (containers)

hope you will have 2nd server and be able to create proxmox cluster
in near future. After that you will see great advantage of rapid ZFS
good luck

On 2021-01-10 21:24, Getachew Mekonnen wrote:
Dear Sir/Madam,
This is Getachew from Ethiopia. I'm an IT Expert at public
organization and very keen to use Proxmox for my environment. As a
beginner, I tried to understand the basic concepts from the official
guide and also watched videos.
But, I have some questions which I'm not clear with. My server is Dell
Poweredge r730 with 56 GB RAM; and 6 SAS hdds each with 300 GB.
1. My first question is which RAID level (hd) I use?2. How do I use
the hard disks, this is to mean, For example I dedicate the one 300 GB
hdd for Proxmox, the other for one VM, the other for another VM, or
shall I use another arrangement?
Generally, It would be nice if I get a quick start guide for my
scenario (In my scenario, I want to create one Windows File Server,
One Ubuntu Mail Server (Zimbra), and one Ubuntu Nagios)
I greatly appreciate your time and consideration.
Best regards,

Getachew Mekonnen

Senior IT Expert, PBS Program IT Support

ICT Directorate, Bureau of Finance and Economic Development (BoFED)

Hawassa, Ethiopia

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