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aderumier at odiso.com aderumier at odiso.com
Mon Jan 11 08:10:43 CET 2021

if you don't need to use zfs from proxmox,

you can create a big hardware raid with your 6 disks (raid10, raid5,
raid6,...), as you want.

Then install proxmox, with with a small xfs/ext4 partition (maybe 30g
for example).

Then, with the remaining space, proxmox will be able to create vms with

(you don't need to dedicated physical disk for proxmox, and other
physical disk for vms)

Alternativily, if you don't do hardware raid,  you can use zfs directly
from proxmox to create a big zfs raid pool with your 6disks.
(then proxmox will create zfs subvolumes for vms)

in both cases, create a big raid with your 6disks.



Le dimanche 10 janvier 2021 à 20:24 +0000, Getachew Mekonnen via pve-
user a écrit :
> Dear Sir/Madam,
> This is Getachew from Ethiopia. I'm an IT Expert at public
> organization and very keen to use Proxmox for my environment. As a
> beginner, I tried to understand the basic concepts from the official
> guide and also watched videos. 
> But, I have some questions which I'm not clear with. My server is
> Dell Poweredge r730 with 56 GB RAM; and 6 SAS hdds each with 300 GB. 
> 1. My first question is which RAID level (hd) I use?2. How do I use
> the hard disks, this is to mean, For example I dedicate the one 300
> GB hdd for Proxmox, the other for one VM, the other for another VM,
> or shall I use another arrangement?
> Generally, It would be nice if I get a quick start guide for my
> scenario (In my scenario, I want to create one Windows File Server,
> One Ubuntu Mail Server (Zimbra), and one Ubuntu Nagios)
> I greatly appreciate your time and consideration.
> Best regards,
> Getachew Mekonnen
> Senior IT Expert, PBS Program IT Support
> ICT Directorate, Bureau of Finance and Economic Development (BoFED)
> Hawassa, Ethiopia

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