[PVE-User] get the most of storage for a very old dell pe 2950.

Michel 'ic' Luczak lists at benappy.com
Mon Apr 19 15:57:04 CEST 2021


> Max physical storage support is 2TB.
> Max virtual storage support is also 2TB.

I’m using a PE2950 with the stock SAS RAID card and 6 x 4TB SATA using uSATA adapters (small boards that clip in the back of SATA drives to “make them SAS” (over simplifying things but you will need those)). There is no real limitation, you may only run into issues with 512e/512n/etc… but up to 4 or 6 TB you should be fine.

More recently I used very modern 8TB SAS drives in an R410 without backplane and I had to cut the 3.3V power line to the drives because on modern drives it’s turning them off.

Dell support knows only what was written in the manual at the date of release of the server.

Regards, Michel

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