[PVE-User] PVE storage layout question.

proxmox-user at mattern.org proxmox-user at mattern.org
Sat Feb 22 11:40:48 CET 2020

> Hi guys , thanks for the response.
> You mean that both partitions are  usefulls and are needed.
> Mi concern is to create a layout at the install moment and after some time
> realize that some partition is too big ot to small.
> So , my idea is:
> Designate  1Tb  for LVM.
> Designate 2TB for LVM-thin.
> Left 2TB for future use:
Yes that's possible.
> So, In the future is it possible to modify partitions size without any
> risk?
You can increase and decrease LVM volumes. Increase is easy and almost 
all filesystems are able to increase size at runtime. Decrease is 
possible, depends on the filesystem/data you are using within the volume.
> Other:
> Can  I  add a Raid 1 with 2 ssd hard disk on remaining empty slots later or
> do I need to have them installed at the proxmox install moment?

Yes. That's possible. To do that you only have to add the new PV (your 
Raid 1) to the the existing VG. You can even move to other storage at 
runtime (pvmove). But again - if you want to use the full feature set of 
LVM you have to do it on the shell, not with the webinterface. It is 
essential that you understand how LVM works. (maybe this can help 

> Thanks!!!!
> Leandro.
If you need detailed help with your setup, feel free to contact me offlist.

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