[PVE-User] IPv6 disabled - status update error: iptables_restore_cmdlist

Demetri A. Mkobaranov damkobaranov at gmail.com
Thu Feb 20 17:38:52 CET 2020

I disabled IPv6 from my proxmox and, as already reported by others, I 
very often get this message in syslog:

status update error: iptables_restore_cmdlist: Try `ip6tables-restore 
-h' or 'ip6tables-restore --help' for more information

I suppose that I need to use ip6tables-save > path/file (or touch 
path/file considering that there are no rules ??) so that 
ip6tables-restore can work and pve-firewall won't output the warning. Right?

Problem is that I don't know "path/file"

How do you deal with this?


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