[PVE-User] Proxmox CEPH and node outside the cluster it's possible?

Peter Simon rumors at web.de
Wed Dec 23 17:39:36 CET 2020

it depends ...

so you just want to use the Proxmox GUI for administer Ceph ?

Never tried it, but yes in the same cluster you should be able to use
e.g. the populated RBD PVE Storage

Bigger CEPH Clusters i always setup native (with ansible).
You could use the Dashboard GUI if you like ...

Or with proxmox and ceph normally i do hyperconverged ...

Or use proxmox as Client for a native Ceph Cluster ... but you should
keep in mind your network setup.
You just add then Storage with rbd and uncheck the pve hyperconverged

Running Ceph in production you should always know the cli too ... the
Gui will not always help here ... not in Proxmox and not with Ceph
Dashboard itself

Anyway it's much more comfortable than some years ago


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