[PVE-User] copy files between servers

Bertorello, Marco me at marcobertorello.it
Wed Dec 16 15:23:28 CET 2020

Il 16/12/2020 14:24, Miguel Gonzalez ha scritto:
> Hi,
>    I have proxmox 5.6 on two servers. I need to copy big backup files
> between servers.
>    scp o sftp starts copying reaching Mbps rates but suddenly the network
> performance drops.
>     I have tried many options mentioned on several websites, disabling
> compression, using less CPU intensive ciphering, etc.
>    Is there anything I could do from the server side?

Hi Miguel,

I don't known if this fit your scenario but, before PBS, I used to sync 
backups between my servers using rsync that perform very well and can 
restart if interrupted.
Something like:

  rsync -Pavzhu -e 'ssh -p 22' --progress  root at pve1:/mnt/Backups/ 

However, after PBS, I solved using it installed on a Debian LXC and 
using replicas to keep it replicated across my infrastructure.

My two cents,

Best regards

Marco Bertorello

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