Check existing logical volume on iscsi before vm creation

Amin Vakil info at
Mon Aug 31 12:26:30 CEST 2020

Proxmox doesn't check existing logical volume on iscsi if the vmid isn't

We have multiple proxmoxs which aren't clustered in a location and they
all use the same nas storage which we have created an iscsi on it.

There was a vm with vmid 100 on prox1 which its disk was on iscsi storage.

I created another vm with vmid 100 on another prox on iscsi and proxmox
didn't complain about it, therefore vm with vmid 100 disk on prox1 got

Shouldn't proxmox check existing logical volumes before creating,
migrating, moving disk to iscsi storage?

cat /etc/pve/storage.cfg
iscsi: nas02iscsi
	portal a.b.c.d
	content images

lvm: nas02iscsilvm
	vgname vg_nas02
	content rootdir,images
	shared 1

qm config 100


And guess what, backup wasn't enabled on the disk, so we don't have any
backup, too.

I'm having my worst day in office becuase of this corrupted vm.

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