[PVE-User] multi-function devices, webGUI and fix #2436

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Sat Nov 23 10:19:35 CET 2019


On 11/23/19 9:29 AM, arjenvanweelden at gmail.com wrote:
> Hi,
> Yesterday evening, I was surprised by the same PCI passthrough issue as
> described in 
> https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/pci-passthrough-not-working-after-update.60580/
> . A VM failed to start with the error "no pci device info for
> device '00:xy.0'", while working fine before the apt-get dist-upgrade
> and reboot. 
> Once it was clear what the issue was, it was easily resolved by adding
> 0000: to the hostpci entries.
> Unfortunately, the Help button/documentation does not mention this.
> This issue did not occur for multi-function devices. Also, when using
> the webUI and enabling "All Functions" for the device, the setting is
> changed from "hostpci0: 0000:00:xy.0" to "hostpci0: 00.xy".
> Changing it the other way around (disable multi-function in webUI) does
> not add the required "0000:", which will fail at the next VM start.
> Is this an intended difference or is it an oversight that will change
> (unexpectedly) in the future?

We had a fix which allowed to use PCI domains other than "0000",
while not common we had people report the need.
This fix seemed to made some unintended fallout.. I just uploaded
qemu-server in version 6.0-17 with a small fix for it, I'll check
around a bit and if it seems got it may get to no-subscription soon.

Thanks for reporting!


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