[PVE-User] multi-function devices, webGUI and fix #2436

arjenvanweelden at gmail.com arjenvanweelden at gmail.com
Sat Nov 23 09:29:54 CET 2019


Yesterday evening, I was surprised by the same PCI passthrough issue as
described in 
. A VM failed to start with the error "no pci device info for
device '00:xy.0'", while working fine before the apt-get dist-upgrade
and reboot. 
Once it was clear what the issue was, it was easily resolved by adding
0000: to the hostpci entries.
Unfortunately, the Help button/documentation does not mention this.

This issue did not occur for multi-function devices. Also, when using
the webUI and enabling "All Functions" for the device, the setting is
changed from "hostpci0: 0000:00:xy.0" to "hostpci0: 00.xy".
Changing it the other way around (disable multi-function in webUI) does
not add the required "0000:", which will fail at the next VM start.
Is this an intended difference or is it an oversight that will change
(unexpectedly) in the future?

As always, thank you for all the hard work put into Proxmox VE!

kind regards, Arjen

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