[PVE-User] please help setup correctly proxmox cluster

Юрий Авдеев yury-avdeyev at ya.ru
Mon Oct 22 07:02:52 CEST 2018

Hello everyone,

Please sorry for bad english. About three times I trying to set up proxmox cluster, but still unsuccessful.
Cluster works greatly about one-two days and then just dying. 
Nodes are responses to each other with ICMP, but Cluster is dead and no quorum to power on any virt machine.
I don't know what I do wrong. Clear install. 
What I need: Two hosts (node1 and node2) with one virtual machine in replication without shared storage. 
If one of two hosts is dead - virtual machine will starts in other hosts. Node3 is online, only for quorum, not for virt. 
I using ZFS for storage on hosts. Please help me to understand, how I must set up this thing correctly.
Great thanks everybody!

С уважением, 
Юрий Авдеев

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