[PVE-User] cloudbase-init bug or PVE's cloud-init function ?

lyt_yudi lyt_yudi at icloud.com
Mon Mar 26 07:52:28 CEST 2018

anyone succeed use cloudbase-init for windows?

> 在 2018年3月24日,下午5:35,lyt_yudi <lyt_yudi at icloud.com> 写道:
> first, I know that this bug might be cloudbase's own.
> but, here
> Recognize uppercase vfat disk labels
> New mkfs.vfat and fatlabel tools included in the dosfsutils package no
> longer support creating vfat disks with lowercase labels. They silently
> default to an all uppercase label eg CONFIG-2 instead of config-2. This
> change makes cloud-init handle either upper or lower case.
> https://github.com/openstack/cloudbase-init/commit/24365043e31a7cb0899d2222bbba654ef718da5b <https://github.com/openstack/cloudbase-init/commit/24365043e31a7cb0899d2222bbba654ef718da5b>
> while test with cloudbase-init in windows 2008R2, It might have something to do with it 
> 2018-03-24 16:43:50.453 1444 DEBUG cloudbaseinit.metadata.services.osconfigdrive.windows [-] Looking for Config Drive vfat in hdd get_config_drive_files c:\program files\cloudbase solutions\cloudbase-init\python\lib\site-packages\cloudbaseinit\metadata\services\osconfigdrive\windows.py:197
> 2018-03-24 16:43:50.546 1444 DEBUG cloudbaseinit.utils.windows.vfat [-] Could not retrieve label for VFAT drive path '\\\\.\\PHYSICALDRIVE0' is_vfat_drive c:\program files\cloudbase solutions\cloudbase-init\python\lib\site-packages\cloudbaseinit\utils\windows\vfat.py:46
> 2018-03-24 16:43:50.546 1444 DEBUG cloudbaseinit.utils.windows.vfat [-] mlabel failed with error b"init :: sector size (190) not a small power of two\r\nCannot initialize '::'\r\nC:\\Program Files\\Cloudbase Solutions\\Cloudbase-Init\\bin\\mlabel: Cannot initialize drive\r\n" is_vfat_drive c:\program files\cloudbase solutions\cloudbase-init\python\lib\site-packages\cloudbaseinit\utils\windows\vfat.py:47
> Thanks!
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