[PVE-User] Restoring files - /etc/pve not mounted after cluster create fail

Gregor Burck gregor at aeppelbroe.de
Sun Feb 25 05:13:25 CET 2018

Am Samstag, 24. Februar 2018, 17:39:17 CET schrieben Sie:
> basically do with proxmox is you create an lvm volume and pass it to a VM
> as a disk (block device). Then you partition theese inside the VM.
cfdisk /dev/mapper/pve-vm--104--disk--1

>>  /dev/mapper/pve-vm--104--disk--1-part1              *                              2048            58818559 
          58816512            28G           83 Linux                          

No I've to mount part1 and can access to the data?

> Hope it helps.
Little bit

I managed to copy the data with dd to an external disk.
Then I will try this on the other machine:

1. connect usb-hdd
2. create a new vm with the same settings as the old one
3. then use dd to copy the data in the right volume? like:

dd if=/media/vm-100-disk-1 of=/dev/dm-X bs=1M



PS sorry go out as PM, this was a mistake,..

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