[PVE-User] Restoring files - /etc/pve not mounted after cluster create fail

dORSY dorsyka at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 24 17:39:17 CET 2018

You can dd a block device into an image and/or another block device, even possible over ssh/network.
An lvm volume is a block device.
You can mount filesystems (from partitons or block devices or files, as linux can create an fs onto a lots of things), and not "disks".
What you basically do with proxmox is you create an lvm volume and pass it to a VM as a disk (block device). Then you partition theese inside the VM.

Hope it helps.

    On Saturday, 24 February 2018, 16:21:17 CET, Gregor Burck <gregor at aeppelbroe.de> wrote:  
 Sorry but how should I do a backup when the host doesn't work correctly?

Or like this:

with dd make an image file from the volume:

dd if=/dev/dm-6 of=/root/vm-100-disk-1 bs=1M

Then move the file to the new host and play it on the new host back?

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