[PVE-User] Some question to proxmox cluster

Gregor Burck gregor at aeppelbroe.de
Sun Sep 10 13:24:54 CEST 2017


I setup an pve cluster on three nodes. I manage to setup a glusterfs-cluster 
on the three nodes to. So far seem all work well, I could migrate the VM from 
one to other nodes, clone and things that bump ;-)

One first question: wenn a VM is assigned to an node an the node faile (some 
hard case like power or an atomic bomb). Could I start the VM on one of the 
other nodes?

I test to switch down the node1 where the VMs 're running. In the 
datacenterview I still see them. I try to start them or igrate them, but I got 
an connection error.

The images exist in the gluster-cluster, so them could reach from every node.

Is there a trick to get them running on the two other pve nodes?



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