[PVE-User] Proxmox 3.4 upgrade questions

Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
Fri Sep 8 12:17:37 CEST 2017

Hi Shain,

We have done a few  upgrades of 3-5 node clusters;

El 07/09/17 a las 21:13, Shain Miley escribió:
> We are thinking about upgrading our existing Proxmox 3.4 cluster and I 
> was hoping to get some insight on a few of our currently open questions:
> 1)Should we stop at Proxmox 4.4 or does Proxmox 5.0 seem stable enough 
> for production environments at this time?
We haven't used Proxmox 5.0 yet because we're using Ceph in almost all 
clusters. I think we'll start migratin when PVE 5.1 is out, now that 
Ceph Luminous is final.

> 2)Is it possible to have 2 separate Proxmox clusters on the same 
> subnet? We are trying to decide on an in place upgrade vs setting up a 
> new cluster and moving things over in a more controlled manor.
> If we decided to invest in some new hardware for a new cluster we 
> would have to run 2 clusters on the same subnet for several weeks 
> while the migration took place...is this an issue?
Yes, it is possible (use different cluster name when creating the 
cluster). Also, Proxmox v3 and v4 cluster system is different, which is 
why you have to re-create the cluster when upgrading.
> 3)We are wondering about real world upgrade experiences in terms of 
> people who decided to do the in place upgrade...how many issues...if 
> any were raised using the apt-get upgrade method?
> If you had to do it again would you still do it the same way?
Yes, we always have done in-place upgrades. If you find any issue it 
isn't Proxmox related, but other packages you may have installed. Fix 
them as you would in a non-proxmox Debian upgrade and you're good.


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