[PVE-User] proxmox cluster from LAN

Lonnie Cumberland lonnie at outstep.com
Tue Oct 10 11:17:50 CEST 2017

Greetings All,

I am new to Proxmox 5.0 and am thinking that it might be a perfect fit for
a distributed cluster project that I am working on which involves VM's and

I have been researching various Proxmox cluster setups and installations,
but am a bit unclear on some things for which I hope someone in the
community might be able to help me with answering.

Right now, it seems that you can take 2 Proxmox installations and connect
then into a cluster if they are either on a LAN or on the WAN with public
IP's, but I am wondering if the connections are setup with a VPN between
the master and nodes such that you can connect LAN nodes to a WAN master
with a VPN between them as the LAN nodes may be on a private (192.168.x.x)

The reason this that I want to be able to scale many nodes into the same
cluster with some on LAN's and some VPS systems on the WAN into a
distributed proxmox cluster.

I am hoping that you can add nodes on the LAN to the WAN master via a
builtin VPN , but am not sure on this.

Any insight or information would be greatly appreciated.

Best, and have a great day

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