[PVE-User] PVE 3.4 - Debian 9 hang

Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
Mon Nov 27 13:09:24 CET 2017

Just a follow-up on this issue, we're getting the best uptime ever with 
the VM using scsi/virtio, so the problem seems fixed.

I have also checked and it looks like we created the VM with default 
scsi config, so I'm almost sure we tried changing network interfaces but 
not disk drives.

Thanks a lot for your help.


El 14/11/17 a las 11:45, Eneko Lacunza escribió:
> Ok, will try that also, thanks a lot.
> El 14/11/17 a las 11:03, Emmanuel Kasper escribió:
>>>> Hi Eneko
>>>> What is the status of the qemu process when the VM hangs ? Is it in D
>>>> state ?
>>> I don't think but didn't check it. Will do next time it hangs.
>>>> Also which SCSI controller type are you using ?
>>> It was set as default (LSI 53C895A), just changed to virtio on this
>>> morning's reset. I think we have changed this previously too, but can't
>>> say for sure.
>> LSI 53C895A could be well the cause of your problem.
>> IIRC it is not that much tested / used by Qemu Upstream.
>> ( on Pve 4.2 we switched the SCSI controller to Virtio SCSI for new
>> Linux VMs)
>> Virtio Blk was the controller we recommended for Linux guests running on
>> PVE 3.4. If you're using UUID in your /etc/fstab, you can switch to
>> Virtio Blk without problem.

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