[PVE-User] sbin/unconfigured.sh

Fabian Grünbichler f.gruenbichler at proxmox.com
Fri May 19 13:46:38 CEST 2017

On Fri, May 19, 2017 at 10:27:20AM +0100, Steve wrote:
> If I type xinit it says /bin/sh: xinit: not found
> I am the author of easy2boot which is a USB multiboot tool to allow people
> to boot from 100's of different ISOs (or images) all from one USB stick.
> I have been asked by a user to get proxmox 4 working.
> 3.2 works because I can run the unconfigured.sh from the command line
> http://rmprepusb.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/add-proxmox-isos-to-easy2boot.html
> http://www.easy2boot.com
> I tried setting proxdebug and  root=/dev/sdb1  or lvm2root=/dev/sdb1 to get
> it to mount the FAT32 partition to /mnt. I do not need to manually use any
> mount commands, it just automatically runs init but this causes an early
> error message of
> mount: mounting /dev/sdb1 on /mnt failed: Invalid argument
> but if I use the mount command I can see that /mnt is present as a vfat
> /dev/sdb1
> If I press CTRL+D to continue, it fails in the exact same place with
> Installation aborted - unable to continue.
> Note that this is not using my script at all, just the original init script
> - I have not broken into the boot process because it picks up the lvm2root
> parameter.
> I am so *near*, yet I just cannot get the unconfigured.sh script to run in
> this way...
> thanks for your help.
> Steve

I just did a quick test run using Grub:

loopback test PATHTOISO
linux (test)/boot/linux26 proxdebug ramdisk_size=16777216 rw
initrd (test)/boot/initrd.img

drops me into the initrd debug shell

if I do the following (major/minor depend on your disk configuration,
  check /sys/class/block/XXX/dev where XXX is your usb partition where
  the iso is)

mknod /tmp/usbdev b MAJOR MINOR
mkdir /tmp/usbmnt
mount /tmp/usbdev /tmp/usbmnt
mount /tmp/usbmnt/PATHTOISO /mnt

followed by lines 294ff of the init script launch the graphical
installer (although the resolution is messed up - probably because I did
not bother to change any of the graphic stuff in Grub), and I am able to
complete the installation..

so I think it must be something in your environment / setup.

(note that there are TWO debug shells, one in the initrd with very
limited commands, and one in the installer environment with access to a
lot more tools - a quick test is to run something like "lsblk", since
that only exists in the latter environment ;). maybe your switch to the
installer environment did not work, and you are still in the initrd
shell? that would explain why you can't execute "xinit")

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