[PVE-User] Problems with backup process and NFS

Uwe Sauter uwe.sauter.de at gmail.com
Fri May 19 11:26:35 CEST 2017

Hi Fabian,

thanks for looking into this.

As I already mentioned yesterday my NFS setup tries to use TCP as much as possible so the only UDP port used / allowed in the NFS
servers firewall is udp/111 for Portmapper (to allow showmount to work).

>> Issue 1:
>> Backups failed tonight with "Error: mount error: mount.nfs: /mnt/pve/aurel is busy or already mounted".
>> Question 1:
>> Do NFS shares that should be used for backups need to be "disabled" so that the backup process just mount the share in preparation
>> of the backup? If so, there is a problem with the WebUI as I cannot select a disabled storage location when defining or editing a
>> backup job.
> no. I think your NFS share is (wrongly) detected as unmounted, since
> activate_storage in the NFS plugin will try to mount if nfs_is_mounted
> returned undef. in general activate_storage is supposed to detect if the
> storage is already activated and turn into a no-op if needed, and
> calling storage can treat it as idempotent.
> what does "grep aurel /proc/mounts" say on this machine?

# grep aurel /proc/mounts
<ip of server>:/backup/proxmox-infra /mnt/pve/aurel nfs
rw,relatime,vers=3,rsize=1048576,wsize=1048576,namlen=255,hard,proto=tcp,timeo=600,retrans=2,sec=sys,mountaddr=<ip of
server>,mountvers=3,mountport=892,mountproto=tcp,local_lock=none,addr= 0 0

>> Issue 2:
>> When the backup process failed no email was sent to the specified address though email notification mode is set to "always".
>> Emails in general do work, at least apticron sends update notifications and sending mails from CLI also works.
>> Question 2a:
>> Why was no email sent after the backup process failed?
> can you post the complete log?

Where can I find that?

>> Question 2b:
>> Does the WebUI use a different method for sending emails? If so where can this be configured?
> different from what?

Different from what apticron and "echo test | mail -s test <recipient address>" use.



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