[PVE-User] Web GUI: connection reset by peer (596)

Uwe Sauter uwe.sauter.de at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 19:04:15 CET 2017


I have a GUI problem with a four node cluster that I installed recently. I was able
to follow this up to ext-all.js but I'm no web developer so this is where I got stuck.

* four node cluster
* each node has two interfaces in use
** eth0 is  1Gb used for management and some VM traffic
** eth2 is 10Gb used for cluster synchronization, Ceph and more VM traffic
* host names are resolved via /etc/hosts
* let's call the nodes px-a, px-b, px-c, px-d
* Proxmox version 4.4-12/e71b7a74

When I access the cluster via the web GUI on px-a I can view all info regarding px-a
without any problems. If I try to view infos regarding the other nodes I almost every
time I get "connection reset by peer (596)".
If I access the cluster GUI on px-b I can view this node's info but not the info of the
other nodes.

I started to migrate VMs to the cluster today. Before that, when the cluster had no
VMs running, the access between nodes worked without problem.

I was able to trace this using Chrome's developer tools up to the point where
some method inside ext-all.js fails with said "connection reset by peer".

Detail using pretty formatted version of ext-all.js:

Object (?) Ext.cmd.derive("Ext.data.request.Ajax", Ext.data.request.Base begins at line 11370

Method "start" begins at line 11394

Error occurs at line 11409 "h.send(e);"

I don't know what causes h.send(e) to fail. Any suggestions what could cause this or how to
debug further is appreciated.



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