[PVE-User] OOM Killer problem

Michele Bonera michele at bonera.biz
Sat Feb 4 10:44:17 CET 2017


I have an issue with OOM Killer (Proxmox 4.4-5 - Kernel 4.4.35-1-pve) on 
my infrastructure: even if there is a lot of free memory (15GB used over 
32GB available), OOM Killer is still killing my VM processes.

This morning I had 3 over 6 VM powered down because OOM Killer decided 
to kill the related processes even if there were a lot of free memory.

       total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:  32725572   32286280     439292     196428    3772084   18648708
-/+:   9865488   22860084
Swap:  1499124      33736    1465388

This problem is related to all the server I have in the infrastructure 
(some are Supermicro, some are Dell) and occur randomly after some days 
the host is rebooted.

I already instruct OOM Killer not to kill VM Processes, but I'm afraid 
it could kill processes related to the infrastructure.

Is there someone with the same issue?

Michele Bonera

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