[PVE-User] Setup a cluster proxmox behind just one public ip address

Alain Péan alain.pean at c2n.upsaclay.fr
Tue Aug 29 17:05:10 CEST 2017

Le 29/08/2017 à 16:28, Jean-mathieu CHANTREIN a écrit :
> Is it possible to configure a proxmox cluster behind a single public IP address ?
> If possible, how do I configure my nodes at the time of installation ? I don't see this configuration in the documentation.
> If not possible, should I have the same number of public ip address than the number of node of my cluster ?
> For information, I want to use a dedicated network for corosync.

I would say it is not recommanded to set up a proxmox cluster directly 
on public IP addresses (security risk if exposed on internet).
Just set up a bridge and configure one of your network interface so that 
the gateway is your public IP address.

Through a VPN, you can manage your cluster from remote location.

It is your VMs that eventually could require public IP address if for 
example you set up a web server accessible from Internet. In this case, 
you can use your public IP for this VM (I hope you have another as 
gateway at least...), and use different DNS aliases for virtual hosts.


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