[PVE-User] Strange Network Issues After P2V

Gilberto Nunes gilberto.nunes32 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 16:45:38 CEST 2017


What hardware do you have as PVE host?
Did you update firmware??
What about switch's??? Cables??
It's something to take in count...


2017-04-11 11:41 GMT-03:00 Hexis <lists at hexis.consulting>:

> Just the other day we virtualized a Dell T320 via dd | ssh. We proceeded
> to add an Intel E100 NIC and install the VirtIO memory drivers. Ever since
> we did that, we have been experiencing strange jitter on our internal
> network, this being the only variable that has changed (believe me, we
> racked our brains troubleshooting everything else). Here is what we have
> tried so far:
>  * We removed a Hyper-V role that was on the server, which had created
>    an extra NIC
>  * We re-did the random MAC address
>  * Did Driver Updates
>  * Rebooted the Hypervisor
> The strangest part is that this occurs even when the VM is off. I get a
> lot of jitter to the ProxMox management interface as well as to VMs and
> containers ... the PBX in particular. Am I insane or have other people had
> a similar issue? The network still mostly functions without issue (though i
> do see plenty of re-transmissions), but it's had a particularly bad effect
> on voice traffic.
> Thanks,
> -Hexis
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