[PVE-User] Strange Network Issues After P2V

Hexis lists at hexis.consulting
Tue Apr 11 16:41:05 CEST 2017

Just the other day we virtualized a Dell T320 via dd | ssh. We proceeded 
to add an Intel E100 NIC and install the VirtIO memory drivers. Ever 
since we did that, we have been experiencing strange jitter on our 
internal network, this being the only variable that has changed (believe 
me, we racked our brains troubleshooting everything else). Here is what 
we have tried so far:

  * We removed a Hyper-V role that was on the server, which had created
    an extra NIC
  * We re-did the random MAC address
  * Did Driver Updates
  * Rebooted the Hypervisor

The strangest part is that this occurs even when the VM is off. I get a 
lot of jitter to the ProxMox management interface as well as to VMs and 
containers ... the PBX in particular. Am I insane or have other people 
had a similar issue? The network still mostly functions without issue 
(though i do see plenty of re-transmissions), but it's had a 
particularly bad effect on voice traffic.



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