[PVE-User] HA question

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay.mathieson at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 21:52:17 CEST 2016

On 6/10/2016 1:09 AM, Thomas Lamprecht wrote:
> Please *always* read the documentation if you want HA and if you want 
> to use it
> in production you surely shouldn't assume anything and read the docs 
> first.

Ignores the point people are making - if you use stop its because you 
*need* to. Now they can't.

> I mean, if you where a admin of a nuclear site would you just mash on 
> random
> buttons and then blame the engineer of those buttons if the world dies 
> or would
> you read the manual and then decide which button to press? :)
> (yeah I know, bit dramatic, but I try to explain my point) 

A bit patronising to.

You've redefined the function of a command with no visual feedback. Not 
good UI design.

Lindsay Mathieson

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