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Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Wed Oct 5 17:09:26 CEST 2016


On 05.10.2016 14:11, mj wrote:
> Hi,
> Just noticed something we find counterintuitive in proxmox:
> We are using HA for some of our machines.
> As we needed to work on an HA-managed machine, we disabled HA, so that we could manually halt/reboot/start it.
> But to our surprise, the "disable" button in HA actually seems to mean: shutdown the machine..?
> So the only way to work on those machines, is to REMOVE them from HA. Then we can manually turn them on and off, and when we're done, add them again (as new) to the HA system.
> It would be more logical to us, if "disable" means: HA system disabled, so stop/shutdown/start control has to be done manually.

Please *always* read the documentation if you want HA and if you want to use it
in production you surely shouldn't assume anything and read the docs first.
I mean, if you where a admin of a nuclear site would you just mash on random
buttons and then blame the engineer of those buttons if the world dies or would
you read the manual and then decide which button to press? :)
(yeah I know, bit dramatic, but I try to explain my point)

You did the:
# ha-manager disable vm:100

command not the
# ha-manager disable-ha-for vm:100

The first means that you want to disable this service, i.e. stop the VM so it
does not provide service any more.  The latter would be removing it from HA
(temporary) (notice the latter does not exist and is only an example).

There those concepts are documented, we have a wiki, man pages, now a reference
documentation. We try to really push our docs in peoples face atm, to avoid
such situations for them. :)
If something is missing, confusing or similar you are always welcomend to tell
us that or correct it yourself too :)

I can relate to your problem, but changing it to the other things is not a
good idea, IMHO.  Because:

a) you break compatibility and change the design unexpected. And now those
user which *did* read the docs run into problems, because the assume that
things are other than they are. and the assume that rightly full that way,
because the read the docs

b) Those people who did not read the docs and found in intuitive the way like
it is know will complain that its unintuitive :)


> Are we the only ones feeling this?
> MJ
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