[PVE-User] pvesh delete /nodes/{node}/qemu/{vmid}/snapshot/{snapname} -force doesnt work as expected ?

Thu Nov 24 13:41:16 CET 2016


help command shows delete snapshot with option force but this isnt executed correctly.

See output below. Or do I something wrong ?

Background: The snapshot doesnt exists in qcow2 disk file but in config. Therefore force should help as expected and remove the snapshot entry from the config file.

root at prox01:/root# pvesh help /nodes/prox05/qemu/161/snapshot/initialSnapShot --verbose

help [path] [--verbose]

cd [path]

ls [path]

USAGE: delete /nodes/{node}/qemu/{vmid}/snapshot/{snapname}  [OPTIONS]

  Delete a VM snapshot.

  -force     boolean

             For removal from config file, even if removing disk snapshots



So -force should be the one I need.

But see here:

root at prox01:/root# pvesh delete  /nodes/prox05/qemu/161/snapshot/initialSnapShot -force

usage: delete [path]

So why I see the usage string here ?

Following is correct cos snapshot can't be found

root at prox01:/root# pvesh delete  /nodes/prox05/qemu/161/snapshot/initialSnapShot

command '/usr/bin/qemu-img snapshot -d initialSnapShot /mnt/pve/Storage/images/161/vm-161-disk-1.qcow2' failed: exit code 1

qemu-img: Could not delete snapshot 'initialSnapShot': (Can't find the snapshot)

UPID:prox05:00007C50:48ACCCD1:5836D31B:qmdelsnapshot:161:root at pam:200 OK

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