[PVE-User] VLAN and 4.2 upgrade

Laurent CARON lcaron at unix-scripts.info
Fri May 6 10:59:27 CEST 2016


I'm running a 3.4 cluster and am planning the upgrade.

It seem the vlan package will be removed upon upgrade (vlan is in 
conflict with pve-manager).

I've got the following /etc/network/interfaces config (on proxmox hosts):

auto bond1
iface bond1 inet manual
         slaves eth8 eth9
         bond-miimon 100
         bond-downdelay 200
         bond-updelay 200
         bond-mode 802.3ad

auto vlan34
iface vlan34 inet manual
         vlan-raw-device bond1

auto vmbr34
iface vmbr34 inet manual
         bridge_ports vlan34
         bridge_stp off
         bridge_fd 0

The ports on the switch are trunk ports carrying all VLANs used by my VMs.

I'm then using vmbr34 interface as a network interface on my hosts.

Will it be supported with proxmox 4 (since the vlan package will be 
removed) ?


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