[PVE-User] Migration VM from VMWare 5 (.vmdk) to Proxmox

Alessandro Briosi ab1 at metalit.com
Thu Mar 31 23:40:40 CEST 2016

Il 31/03/2016 13:43, Emmanuel Kasper ha scritto:
> Hi again
> As Alessandro said this is probably a mismatch of the root device.
> Do you have your old VM running on VmWare ?
> If yes please note there the value of the root device in /proc/cmdline
> it should be something like  root=/dev/mapper/susa--vg-root
> this/dev/  something should be a path to your root file system and
> should appear when you do
> ls -l /dev/mapper/susa--vg-root
> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 7 Mar 31 09:31 /dev/mapper/susa--vg-root -> ../dm-0
> Now when running the VM in Proxmox, after the error you see, you should
> be dropped to a rescue shell
> in this rescue shell, check if the same 'ls -l' command return something
> if 'ls' returns nothing,
> tries the command vgchange -ay
> and try 'ls -l ' again
> if ls still fails, please run ls -l/dev/*da in the rescue shell and
> post the output here

I think that the rescue wont come up as the kernel is panicing (cannot 
find root device)

This is what I'd do:

Set the disk controller as IDE


Boot the VM with a CentOS / RHEL 4 iso in rescue (linux rescue)
and Fix the /etc/fstab (if needed) and the /boot/grub/grub.conf
to point to the correct device


if you know where the root partition is you might try with the "e" 
option in grub when booting and change the root=/dev/xxx
With the ide controller disk 1 should be /dev/hda
but that depends if you are using LVM or direct device, and how many 
partitions there are.

I think that the initrd/kernel should already contain the drivers for 
the IDE controller, so no need to mess with modprobe.conf and initrd for 
now. (sata would need the ahci driver)

Maybe if you post what the root=/dev/xxx is (with the e option when grub 
appears) this might give us some more info.

Hope this helps,

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